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Treatment for Sleep Apnea in St. Augustine, FL

Sleep Apnea St. Augustine, FL

Do you suffer from chronic sleep deprivation? Is your sleep restless, causing continuous daytime drowsiness? Dr. Steve Freeman and his experienced Elite Smiles team can custom make a sleep apnea dental appliance in St. Augustine, FL, to treat your condition. We can provide various customizable treatment options that provide uninterrupted sleep and help prevent serious health risks.

Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea is interrupted or shallow breathing during sleep. Your breathing can be paused for up to 20 seconds as often as 100 times a night. It prevents you from entering deep and reenergizing sleep. As a result, you experience ongoing sleepiness, slow reflexes and poor productivity and concentration. You're more susceptible to accidents and health problems such as high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Symptoms Include:

 Loud Snoring
 Choking, Gasping or Breathlessness as You Are Sleeping
 Long Pauses in Between Breathing
 Dry Mouth or Sore Throats
 Difficult Performing and Concentrating on Daily Tasks

Dental Treatment
A mandibular-repositioning or tongue-retaining device can help treat your condition by opening your airway. We'll customize an appliance that can fit inside your mouth or around your head and jaw. The goal of wearing a mouthpiece is to adjust the positioning of your lower jaw and bring your tongue forward as your sleep. Our non-surgical treatment relieves or eliminates snoring and restores healthy breathing patterns.

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