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Quality Full & Partial Dentures in St. Augustine, FL

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Suffering from missing teeth can be detrimental to your oral health if not properly treated. Elite Smiles specializes in dental-restoration services and customizes a variety of dentures in St. Augustine, FL. As a top-rated cosmetic dental office, we can create natural-looking full or partial dentures for you!

Denture Options
Dentures are an artificial dental device designed for the upper or lower jaw to replace missing teeth. Dentures replicate the look of your natural teeth and gums and either bond or clasp to your teeth. 

Dentures  St Augastine, FL

Improving Your Smile & Oral Health
Over time, suffering from missing teeth can lead to facial sagging, an aged appearance and trouble eating and speaking. Dentures restore your great-looking smile and dental health.

We'll custom make dentures that fit comfortably and match your teeth and gum tissue. Because of normal wear, you may experience trouble chewing, gum irritation or damages with your dentures. We suggest routine checkups to ensure a proper fit.

We can provide the following types of dentures
 Full: Placed over the gums and replaces all of the upper and lower teeth 
 Partial: Consists of a metal framework; attaches to natural teeth or crowns and is removable
 Conventional: Placed after tooth extraction and healing; patient is left without teeth for several weeks as tissues heal completely
 Immediate: Placed immediately after tooth extraction; dentures are realigned months later as the bone heals and reshapes

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