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Quality Dental Bridges in St. Augustine, FL

Is your smile and oral health suffering because of missing teeth? Dr. Steven Freeman and his qualified dental team can restore your missing tooth by fabricating a dental bridge in St. Augustine, FL. A bridge is a dental restoration treatment that conjoins 2 healthy teeth or dental implants to eliminate a gap and prevent surrounding teeth from shifting.

Dental Implant Bridges
Not only can missing teeth lower your self-esteem and make your smile unsightly, but they can cause poor oral health including:

 Gum Disease
 Improper Bite
 Bone Loss
 Difficulty Speaking and Chewing
Dental Bridges St. Augustine, FL

A dental bridge will enhance the appearance of your smile and improve the comfort and function of your teeth. A bridge consists of a prosthetic custom-made tooth that's secured by porcelain crowns.

St John's Dental Bridges

Treatment Process
Preparing for a bridge includes reducing the 2 healthy adjacent teeth to accommodate the artificial tooth. The shape and size of the healthy teeth are restored as the bridge is placed for correct alignment. Our durable porcelain bridges provide strength and the most optimal cosmetic result. A bridge will improve your bite, speech and chewing and your surrounding teeth will have better support. By prolonging dental-restoration treatment, you're only worsening your condition, which can result in more costly and complicated treatment in the future.

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